SKG New Generation Wide Chute Anti-Oxidative Slow Masticating Juicer

SKG Juicer Product Description

SKG slow juicerThe SKG slow juicer offers a very unique and modern sleek design. The SKG juicer comes in a dark red wine color. This masticating juicer offers a low speed which decreases the oxidation of the juice allowing it to last up to 3 days in the refrigerator instead of the 1 day shelf life that is seen with the higher speeds of the centrifugal juicers. The low speed of the SKG slow juicer also helps to keep more nutrients and a better fresher taste to the juice. The juicing containment section of the machine is also sealed to help decrease the oxidation of the juice.

This juicer offers a wide mouth chute measuring 3” allowing you to easily feed your fruits and vegetables without spending a large amount spending a large amount of time chopping and preparing. The chute is also built extra tall so you can add celery and other tall vegetables without the need to cut them into shorter pieces. Decreasing the need to cut up your fruits and vegetables prior to juicing also allows for the decrease in oxidation.

You can purchase this SKG slow masticating juicer on Amazon and you will receive a 1 Month Free Trial and the 2 Year Manufactures warranty is extended another 3 years with a specialty Amazon warranty for all parts. This SKG juicer also comes with a 10 year warranty that covers the main body and the motor.

The slow juicer is certified by UL, FDA, GS, ETL, ROHS and CE. It is built with high quality stainless steel and silicone components made of TRITAN food grade materials that are anti-oxidative.

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SKG Juicer Product Details

  • The SKG Juicer is 240 Watts and operates on a very low 60 RPMs which is why it is called a slow juicer and decreases the oxidation levels in the fruit and vegetable juice.
  • The SKG juicer also has tofu making capabilities along with the capability to make smoothies and sorbet.
  • The juice yields are very high. Pear is 78 to 83%, Orange is 85 to 90%, Celery is 65 to 70%, Apple is 65 to 75% percent and Carrot is 42 to 47% on juice yields.
  • Offers a very sleek design with a piano varnish.
  • The Juicer offers a drip free smart cap to keep the juice fresh.
  • The SKG juicer is made with Eco-friendly food grade materials that are anti-oxidative.
  • Juicer Dimensions: 18.6 in. x 16.5 in. x 14.6 in.
  • Juicer Weght: 22.6 lbs.

SKG Juicer Prosskg juicer

  • The SKG slow juicer comes in a nice red color with dots that show you how to align the parts during assembly of the juicing machine.
  • With the low RPMs that the SKG juicer has the noise levels are very low allowing you to juice and carry on a conversation or avoid waking up people in the house if you are an early morning juicer.
  • The juicer offers a large diameter and long mouth feed chute that handles the larger and longer fruits and vegetables without the requirement and time to chop up all of your produce prior to juicing.
  • The shutoff valve on the juicer makes switching out glasses for the juice a breeze.

SKG Juicer Cons

  • As all masticating juicers the SKG Juicer is pricey as compared to the centrifugal juicers.
  • If the Red color doesn’t fit the theme of your kitchen there are no alternatives colors that you can purchase the SKG slow juicer.
  • Due to the long feed chute on the juicer to handle longer fruits and vegetables it may not fit under your counters. Make sure you check the dimensions.

SKG Juicer Review Conclusion

As long as the red color of the SKG slow juicer fits the color scheme for your kitchen then you have you are set to go. The SKG juicer is the # 3 Best Selling Masticating Juicer Amazon Juicer category.