Juicer Reviews

Who does not love the refreshing flavor of home juices? If you are someone who cares about the the health benefits of home juicing, you must know that the masticating juicers give the best results always. These juicers churn, squeeze and crush every last drop of juice from the toughest and the ...


Breville Citrus Press Juicer Details If you are trying to squeeze every drop of juice you can from your citrus the Breville BCP600SIL Motorized Citrus Juicer is a great machine. The fruit dome and finned juicing cone are made to fit all sizes of citrus. With virtually no effort at all you can ...


What is Juicing?

Juicing vs Blending

Juicing is the extraction of juice from fruits and vegetables.  Blending is puréeing the entire fruit or vegetable, so all components are still together.

Juicing is a great way to stay healthy by getting all of your needed vitamins and minerals for your body. If you use a juicer machine, it will remove the pulp from the juice which is the fiber your body needs. If you need more fiber in your diet add some of the pulp back to the juice. If you are juicing to help with weight loss, add more vegetables and less fruit. The fruits contain more calories due to the natural sugars which are still needed but in the proper balance.

When making your own juice, it is best to consume it on the same day that it is made to prevent it from growing bacteria and spoiling.

Health Benefits of Juicing

This is the real question that most people ask, “What are the Health Benefits of Juicing?” The real truth is that the benefits that you can gain from juicing depend on the actual fruits and vegetables that you are using in your juicing machine. But the plain and simple benefits are that we all know the vitamins and minerals that are found in fruits and vegetables are very beneficial to your health.

The nutrient found in fruits and vegetables are known for helping to protect against cancer, cardiovascular disease, and rheumatoid arthritis to name a few.

Juicing for Weight Loss

A lot of people turn to juicing for weight loss. It has a lot of benefits if you follow everything properly to maintain your health. If you are only juicing and not eating anything else you can run into some potential issues. As I mentioned previously juicing separates the fruit and vegetable juice from the pulp which removes the fiber from your diet. This makes for quick and easy digestion but may cause issues with your digestive system regularity. You are also removing the protein that helps to keep you full and opens you to hunger cravings. Juicing for weight loss can be of great benefit just follow precautions and balance your diet.

Other Common Benefits for Juicing

Other benefits of juicing are; increase in energy, cleansing of the liver, help decrease aging, strengthen your bones, improve the quality of your hair, and the list just keeps going on based on your ingredients.

Check out The Juicing Bible for more information.

Types of Juicers

The two main types of juicers are Centrifugal Juicers and Masticating Juicers.  With the centrifugal juicers, the fruits and vegetables are sent to the high speed shredder disc at the bottom that processes into juice. The masticating juicers are more expensive than the centrifugal juicers. The masticating juicer (aka slow juicer) operates at a much lower rpm than the centrifugal juicer and provides a high juice yield. The masticating juicer has a single gear that grinds the fruits and vegetables into a pulp. The added benefit to the masticating juicer is the fact that you can make pasta noodles with it.

Best Juicers on the Market

If you are trying to determine the best juicer on the market there are several things that you should consider.

  • What type of produce will you be using to make your juice?
  • Do you have patience or do you want something fast?
  • Will you drink all of the juice immediately or store in the refrigerator?
  • What is the budget you have to work with?

If you are strictly juicing citrus I would highly recommend a citrus juicer only. The Jamba Appliance Citrus Juicer is great if you are just looking for citrus juice.

If you prefer spinach juice and wheatgrass juice a masticating juicer like the Omega J8600 Nutrition Center Juicer.

If you are tight on a budget and you prefer to have your juice ready fast the centrifugal juicer like a Black and Decker Juicer would be the best option for you.